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How do I apply for privileges with SDSAMC?

Please contact the SAMC Medical Staff Office by calling (512) 816-7289.

It is important to UNDERSTAND that each St. David's Facility has a separate medical staff.  Each facility must review and approve applicants.  Being approved at one facility does not imply approval at other facilities. 

How long does the credentialing process take?

It takes approximately two to three months to credential a new physician and grant privileges.  If you're adding a partner to your practice, please make sure that the new physician initiates the application process as soon as possible prior to their start date.

The Joint Commission and Medicare CoP standards require that hospitals obtain primary source verifications from all licensing and certification boards, post-graduate training programs, hospital affiliations, and peer references.  Applicants can expedite the verification process by ensuring that their references respond timely to requests for verification.

Please call the Medical Staff Services department with any questions.