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We strive for fast and friendly support for any issues you have related to Heart Hospital of Austin services. Below is the contact information for our Administration and Medical Staff Office.


David Laird          HiRes-Seth_Herrick-0035-Edit            Michael_Lopez
David Laird                                   Seth Herrick                                        ​Mike Lopez     
Chief Executive Officer            Chief Financial Officer                      Chief Nursing Officer
(512) 407-7518 | Email           (512) 407-7510 | Email                   (512) 407-7512 | Email

Missi Johnson           Lizzette Runnels           Mark Gorham
Missi Johnson                              Lizzette Runnels                        Mark Gorham      
VP of Operations                  ​Director of HR                             Assistant Adminstrator
(512) 407-7497 | Email             (512) 407-7515 | Email              (512) 407-7513 | Email

Medical Staff Services

Yolanda Buckley, Manager, Medical Staff Services

(512) 407-7514 | Email