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It takes approximately two to three months to credential a new physician and grant privileges. If you're adding a partner to your practice, please make sure the new physician initiates an application for staff membership and privileges as soon as possible. Below are some frequently asked questions:

1. Whom do I call for an application?

You may complete the pre-application request forms below. Once the pre-application request forms are returned to the Heart Hospital of Austin, the Medical Staff Office will enter a request for an application to be sent to you. Applications are completed online, so a valid email address is required.

2. Why does the credentialing process take so long?

The Joint Commission and Medicare CoP standards require that hospitals obtain primary source verifications from all licensing and certification boards, post-graduate training programs, hospital affiliations, and peer references. Applicants can expedite the verification process by ensuring that their references respond to requests for verification.

If you have questions, contact Lisa Martel, Manager of Medical Staff Services, at 512-942-4130 or via email at

I would like to apply for privileges.

Please complete the Pre-Application Request Forms and return it to the Medical Staff office via fax at 512-942-4130 or email at

(NOTE: please make both the "I would like to apply for privileges" and "pre-application request form" a hyperlinks to the document attached below)