Medical Staff Leadership

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Medical Staff Leadership is composed of volunteer members of the medical staff who are elected by their peers to service two-year terms.


  • Janet Ngo, DO, Chief of Staff
  • Paul Nelson, MD, Vice Chief of Staff
  • Edward Lee, MD, Secretary
  • Troy Gras, MD, Immed. Past Chief of Staff

​Chief Medical Officer:

  • Ryan Charbeneau, MD, CMO

Department Chairs:

  • M. Farid Jahangiri, MD – Anesthesiology
  • Jeffrey Sheneman, MD – Medical Imaging
  • Jacqueline Haas, MD – Pathology
  • Leighton Ellis, MD – Pediatrics
  • Amol Desai, MD – Emergency Medicine
  • Thomas Brown, MD – Surgery/Orthopedic Surgery
  • Andrea Campaigne, MD – OB/GYN, Chair
  • Howard Shane, MD – Medicine

Section Chairs (not MEC members):

  • Matt Pearson, MD – Urology
  • Robert Wozniak, MD – Cardiology
  • ​Sadie Wyrick, MD - Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Elinor Pisano, MD - Pediatric Hospitalist
  • Julie Sanchez, MD - Pediatric Surgery

Committee Chairs:

  • Paul Nelson, MD – Credentials Committee
  • Janet Ngo - Medical Executive Committee
  • ​​Frances Buzad, MD- Peer Review Committee